Wednesday, April 20, 2011

EDiNA: Using OpenURL Activity Data


This project will take forward the recommendations of the Shared OpenURL Data Infrastructure Investigation to further explore the value and viability of releasing OpenURL activity data for use by third parties as a means of supporting development of innovative functionality that serves the UK HE community.


Phase 1: November 2010 – January 2011
Phase 2: February – July 2011

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  1. Thanks Adam - here's a little more info on the data set that's just been released:

    The OpenURL Router Data is derived from the logs of the OpenURL Router, which directs user requests for academic papers to the appropriate UK institutional resolver. It enables UK institutions to register their resolver once only, at, and service providers may then use as the "base URL" for OpenURL links for UK HE and FE customers.

    This is the product of JISC-funded project activity, and provides a unique data set. The data captured varies from request to request since different users enter different information into requests. Further information on the details of the data set, sample files and the data itself is available at The team would like to thank all the institutions involved in this initiative for their participation.