Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Results of Link Failure Poll from Oct. 13 Webinar

During the October 13 NISO Webinar, "It’s Only as Good as the Metadata: Improving OpenURL and Knowledgebase Quality", my colleague Elizabeth Winter asked the audience of some 169 three questions about OpenURL quality. Here are the results I quickly wrote down.

Poll Q1: Your opinions on this statement: “A significant problem for link resolvers is the generation of incomplete or inaccurate OpenURLs by databases (for example, A&I products).”

Strongly Agree: 32%
Agree: 51%
Neutral/Don’t Know: 14%
Disagree: 1%
Strongly disagree: 0%

Poll Q2: How often do your patrons experience problems with OpenURL links?

Daily: 45%
Weekly: 32%
Monthly: 14%
Never: 0%

Poll Q3: What do you think causes the most problems with OpenURL links?

Incomplete or poorly constructed OpenURLs: 38%
Errors in link resolver knowledge base: 38%
Errors in link-to-syntaxes: 3%
Other: 0%
Don’t know: 20%

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