Friday, July 30, 2010

some IOTA progress ...

1. Earlier this week, Rafal and Susan submitted their IOTA proposal to Charleston Conference.
2. This morning I loaded a log file into our system for Claremont Colleges from Jason Price (KBART member, incidentally).
3. Today I updated the user interface to reflect the decisions we made in our last call (i.e., “source vendor” and “source database”).
4. This week I created a twitter account for IOTA: @nisoiota . Karen kindly created a square version of the IOTA log for it. Today I configured widgets to display tweets containing the hash tag #nisoiota and embedded it to and If you use twitter please “follow” @nisoiota. Also, you can promote our work AND publish your thoughts to the website and blog simply by including #nisoiota in your tweets.


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