Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Measuring the Quality of OpenURL s: An Interview with Adam Chandler

Authors: LeBlanc, Jim
Keywords: openurl,, metrics
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: National Information Standards Organization
Citation: LeBlanc, Jim (2010). "Measuring the Quality of OpenURL s: An Interview with Adam Chandler." Information Standards Quarterly (22), Issue 2.
Abstract: NISO’s Business Information Topic Committee approved in December 2009 the establishment of a new working group called IOTA—Improving OpenURL Through Analytics. Chaired by Adam Chandler, E-Resources & Database Management Research Librarian in Central Library Operations at Cornell University, the working group will build on work previously conducted by Adam at Cornell. Jim LeBlanc, Director of Delivery & Metadata Management Services and Adam’s colleague at Cornell, talked to him about the work he had already done and the follow-up project at NISO.
ISSN: 1041-0031

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